How much should we budget for a DJ? 

For any DJ worth their salt you would look to pay upwards of £300 for a 4 hour reception. Prices vary from region to region and expect to pay for travel if your DJ isn't local to the venue. 

 How does this compare to a live band? 

A good live band would be £1,500+ so by opting for a DJ, you'll have extra money to spend on lighting and a dancefloor. DJs are also far more versatile in the music that can be played.

Our tastes cross over hip-hop, country & pop. Will the DJ have a back catalogue that covers all music types? 

Indeed he will. Also, your eclectic tastes will go down a storm on the dance floor. Mixing up the musical genres is sure to keep everyone happy. 

 When should we have our first dance? 

It's important not to schedule this too early on, let the party warm up before you take to the floor. Otherwise, guests will dance for a few tracks after your first dance and then hit the bar. Don't feel you have to complete the whole first dance yourself. Invite your guests to join you halfway through.

Will the DJ be offended if we list every single song we want played? 

A DJ wouldn't be offended but from our experience this can kill the party. If you're paying for a reputable DJ, you're paying for their experience, give him your favouite 15 or 20 songs and a good DJ will link your requests by other tracks to create a flowing set that keeps the dance floor rocking! 

 I want the DJ's equipment to blend in with the setting. What are the options?

Most DJs now play from digital equipment, which can be housed in smart black or white DJ booths to hide the wires.  Avoid star cloth DJ booths as they tend to look old fashioned. If your reception space is white, request a white DJ booth for a smarter look.