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Some of the most common questions when booking a Dj are listed here

How long does it take to set up?

About 45 mins if the venue has easy access from the van, this will be longer if there are any steps or stairs. breaking down & leaving the venue will take around 30 - 45 mins



Can we choose the music?

Yes. Choosing the type of music that you would like to be played at your event is very important. however, trying to pick each and every song is not such a good idea, that is the job of an experienced DJ - knowing what to play and when is the skill that you are employing, just as an experienced chef would know what ingredients are needed to create the perfect meal.

It's always great if you can provide a list of your special fav's so that they can be woven into the mix​ of the evening


 What sort of music have you got?

I have music from every decade starting with the fifties, through to what has been released this week. 

Obviously I don't have every song - but the biggest hits and most popular songs in each genre - and can get almost anything that you require.


Are lights included in your set up?

 Yes the lightshow is always included & adapted to suit the event & venue​


Can we make requests during the evening?


Yes requests are always welcome​


Is it ok to pay after the event?


No, payment of the balance due should be made as per the booking agreement

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