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1. All fees are payable to the artiste by the client as stated in the SCHEDULE, or any verbal agreement. Where a deposit is required, bookings will not be confirmed until the deposit have been received by the artist.

2.             The client is to provide a suitable performing area, and an electrical supply meeting British safety standards, and ensure that the general public do not enter this area at any time during the performance

3.             In the event of a cancellation by the client within 90 days of the event, any deposit paid will be forfeited and the artiste will be entitled to a cancellation fee of £100. If the event is cancelled for any reason, within 30 days of the payment due date, the full fee shall be payable immediately.

4.             If the artiste is unable to perform due to adverse weather conditions, failure of electrical supply, or if the performance is cut short for any reason, the full fee shall still remain payable.

5.             At any event where Minors (under 18) are present, the client shall ensure that at least 2 adults are in attendance at all times.

6.             The stated times of the performance will not be altered or extended unless agreed in writing by both parties, and in such cases any extra fee may apply.

7. The behaviour of all persons attending the event, whether invited or not shall be the responsibility of the client.

8. All music played at the event shall be at the discretion of the artiste. Where a playlist has been specified by the client, available music tracks shall be agreed in advance.

9. Connection of any devices to the artiste’s equipment by guests, is not permitted, and use of the artiste’s equipment by any other person shall be at the discretion of the artiste.

10. The artiste will comply with regulations set by the venue management, regarding use of equipment, music volume & playing times & it therefore the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue is suitable for the performance.

11. (For booking of Dry ice & smoke effects. - In such cases where the dry ice (dancing in the clouds) effect or a smoke machine has been booked, but cannott be used due either, non availability of Dry Ice, malfunction of equipment, or unsuitable conditions, including inadequate power supply - Liability shall be limited to the return of fees paid for this particular add-on service within 7 days of the event.

11a. Permissions for use of Dry Ice & or smoke effects should be sought from the venue, BY THE CLIENT.

 It therefore the responsibility of THE CLIENT to ensure the venue is aware and suitable for their use.


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